The II Ukrainian Energy Week '22 will take place on November 24-26, 2022 in Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv. For the second time the week will become the largest international communication platform, that will unite participants of Ukrainian market and international investors, focused on the ways of development and investment potential of the sector.


І Ukrainian Energy Week '18
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ІІ Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum '17
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ІІ  Ukrainian Gas Investment Forum '17
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І Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum '16
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І Ukrainian Gas Investment Forum '16
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I Ukrainian Energy Efficiency Forum '16
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Unique opportunities
You will connect with new important business contacts, receive the most recent sector updates from the first hands, meet existing and potential institutional and private investors and find new partners and clients for your business
The main focus for this year
This year event will focus on the available investment opportunities of Ukrainian energy market, including private, public, and Public Private Partnership investments
The largest event in the region
For the fourth time forum will become the largest Ukrainian communication platform in energy sector and will be expanded with the participants from 30+ countries, uniting 400+ top-tier representatives
Special feature
A feature of this year's forum will be a panel discussion on the auctions in gas market and in renewables, innovations and marketing, review, prospects and dynamics of the market
Such platforms are extremely important, extremely useful. We can use this platform to disseminate innovative practices, and to share experiences. For example, in our case - to encourage cooperation with both: public and private companies. On such platforms, it`s really becomes possible because there are all now in one place: representatives of authorities and business. This is exactly the very platform for such communication. Therefore, we really appreciate such a wonderful event, we wish only success in the future, we wish more participants, more companies, more innovative topics for the future year.
Tetiana Temniuk
Head of Strategic Communications
JV “Poltava Petroleum Company”
The forum is certainly very interesting, there is an agiotage that is been formed around this forum, not only with the help of the media, but also, say, with the desire of legal organizations, financial organizations, and, of course, developers who wants to implement projects in this area. The interest is great; the participants are showing the highest activity. I think that this Energy week has succeeded and will give positive results on the development of the legislative and regulatory framework, and let's say attracting financial institutions to implement these projects. Well, the developers now simply have more confidence in the future
Jamil Malikov
Deputy Chairman
State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources of the Republic of Azerbaijan
The forum is cool, it gives you an opportunity to understand what is happening in the country, where it is moving and to provide some stability, to convince, that there are prospects, opportunities and they need to be used today
Max Lebedev
For me it`s getting interesting in a sense that it`s giving opportunity to meet the local players, also to improve the contacts, and to get the feedback from people that are joined the real market in the present and to see the possible opportunities
Roberto Crescitelli
Senior Director for the EMEA Region O&M
This event is a communication process, it is an opportunity to bring certain questions to the audience, to colleagues, and to get new acquaintances. This is a very good opportunity for communication
Yaroslav Petrov
Asters Law Firm
Such forums are simply necessary, because people have to exchange their thoughts, people have to express to the public what is happening in the market, what are the necessary reforms that we are currently providing
Andriy Semchenko
Head of Underwriting Division
PJSIC "INGO Ukraine"
Standard 1 Day

EUR 395 from February 01, 2020
EUR 495 from April 01, 2020
EUR 595 from August 01, 2020


✔ Panel Discussions of 1 Day
✔ Coffee breaks & lunches
✔ Mobile application access
✔ Event materials

Standard 2 Days

EUR 595 from February 01, 2020
EUR 695 from April 01, 2020
EUR 795 from August 01, 2020

✔ Panel Discussions of 2 Days
✔ Coffee breaks & lunches
✔ Mobile application access
✔ Event materials

Premium 1 Day

EUR 495 from February 01, 2020
EUR 595 from April 01, 2020
EUR 695 from August 01, 2020

Everything in Standard 1 Day, plus:
☆ VIP places in the hall (1-2 rows)
☆ Parking Place
☆ Evening Reception
☆ 3 Bespoke Meetings
☆ Personal Meeting Room (2h)
☆ Your Materials at Information Desk

Premium 2 Days

EUR 695 from February 01, 2020
EUR 795 from April 01, 2020
EUR 895 from August 01, 2020

Everything in Standard 2 Days, plus:
☆ VIP places in the hall (1-2 rows)
☆ Parking Place
☆ Evening Reception
☆ 3 Bespoke Meetings
☆ Personal Meeting Room (2h)
☆ Your Materials at Information Desk


Only after accreditation and confirmation

Government Officials

Please see more information below in "Detailed Information" section

Evening Cocktail Partner

EUR 6,000 from February 01, 2020
EUR 7,000 from April 01, 2020
EUR 8,000 from August 01, 2020


1 speaker during 2 Evening Cocktails
Equipped expo area 9 sq.m
5 delegate tickets "Premium 2 Days"
2 advertising banners 2х2m
Your name/logo in all marketing materials
Your name/logo in 90,000+ contacts email
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Panel Discussion Partner

EUR 7,000 from February 01, 2020
EUR 8,000 from April 01, 2020
EUR 9,000 from August 01, 2020


1 speaker
Equipped expo area 9 sq.m
5 delegate tickets "Premium"
2 advertising banners 2х2m
Your name/logo in all marketing materials
Your name/logo in 90,000+ contacts email
Standard 1-year media support
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Official Partner

EUR 9,000 from February 01, 2020
EUR 10,000 from April 01, 2020
EUR 11,000 from August 01, 2020


Individual Status
2 speakers
Equipped expo area 12 sq.m
9 delegate tickets "Premium"
6 advertising banners 2х2m
Your name/logo in all marketing materials
Your name/logo in 90,000+ contacts email
Premium 1-year individual media support
Invitations to Radio & TV shows
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General Partner

EUR 16,000 from February 01, 2020
EUR 18,000 from April 01, 2020
EUR 20,000 from August 01, 2020

Exclusive Status
3 speakers
Equipped booth 20 sq.m
15 delegate tickets "Premium 2 Days"
10 advertising banners 2х2m
Your name/logo in all marketing materials
Your name/logo in 90,000+ contacts email
Premium 2-years individual media support
Publication of your logo on the badge ribbons
Invitations to Radio & TV shows
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Detailed information
All prices include VAT and other taxes.

Registration is possible only on personal corporate email (not general corporate).

Participation is available only for the C-suite executives.
Founder, Owner, Chairman of the Board, Vice President, General Manager, Managing Partner, Board Member, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Executive Director, Sales Director, Head of the Representative Office, Ambassador, Commercial Attache and their First Deputies.

Government Officials
Members of the Verkhovna Rada and deputies of local councils, Members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (and their first deputies), Heads (and their deputies) of central executive authorities of Ukraine, Heads (and their deputies) of local state administrations and councils, Government Officials of Categories "A", ambassadors and attache for commercial, trade or energy issues, representatives of foreign government

Payment Terms
You will be invoiced on receipt of your confirmation. Payment has to be received within 5 days of receipt of invoice. Should you fill the registration form less than 5 days before a conference, then the amount due has to be paid before the conference starts, so that you will be able to take part.
In case of violation of terms of payment, the amount of the registration fee will increase by 10% of the total amount of the invoice for every 5 working days of delay.

Cancellation Policy
Your registration may only be cancelled by notifying the Organizing Committee via no later than 15 calendar days before the event. Cancellation fee of the full amount of the participation fee will apply. It may be necessary, for reasons beyond the control of the organiser, to change the content of the programme, the date of the event or the venue.
What opportunities gives sponsoring of this event?
Depending on the type and format, sponsorship of the event gives you an opportunity to find new clients and customers for your business, increase your company's awareness in the media and professional circles, position your company's management as industry experts, raise the potential, attract attention and convey important issues to a wide audience for your organization, positioning your company among the market leaders, and much more. To receive the full list of sponsorship benefits, please send your request to email:
How to become a sponsor or partner of this event?
For a full description of available sponsorship and partnership opportunities (before, during and after the event), please send your request to email:
Can I register by a phone call?
No, you can register only via the registration form on the web-site or via mobile app. After you fill in the registration form, you will receive an invoice for participation or confirmation of registration for free participation in your email. After the payment is done, you will receive more detailed information and further instructions on how to attend the event.
Can I order a booth on this event?
Yes, during the event there is an opportunity to place a booth by size from 6 to 20 sq. m. For getting full information on the placement of the booth on the event, please send your request by email:


Tatiana Barabash
Chief Financial Officer
+38 050 330 56 49